Bollywood Blunders 


I am back with unique observations like always.

Nayak ( A great Movie by Bollywood – No doubt)

The one amazing thing I recollect is one of the dialogues that our Journalist Hero puts to our CM of State.

Journalist: ”How dare you spoil and waste the hard earned money of poor people of this country, it takes a lot of sweat and blood to make this money that you get through poor people and bla bla bla…….”.

Well here I would like to know who is this poor person who has given his money to government. Well, poors are always on the receiving end.

Its only the riches who are paying taxes, spending their earned money, thus inturn paying several taxes again (VAT, Entertainment etc.), Paying toll and several times the bribe and not the poors.

Poors get free/ subsidised food and loan waiver etc.

And at the end of  the day, its the poor- the bigger chunk of people who actually Vote, who has the fate of educated community in their hand.

 Rememeber, any politcial Party assigning a lot of  subsidised Food/ration and loan waiver and bla bla …. thing to poors, this all is going to come from the money/taxes paid by the earning class.

A better option could be more benefits like education, skill enhancement and increasing their ability to earn and thus helping them become a part of working population rather than be a burden on working population.

And a tribute for the first educated child of a family, or first earning family of a village etc.

Well, the good things that can be done are enormous, but the question how it happens?

Pls, do put your comments. Thanks