No Vote 

Did you Vote?

Well so many asks me on this and the reply is simple , I am proud and confident about it that I do not Vote.

The reply comes in you lose your right to ask.

Well who actually remembers who voted or who didn’t.

And our need is simple, pls put a system of “None of the above”, where all gets debarred from elections, if this option is used above all other options.

And I can still ask a question because I pay enough Tax not only I-tax, but VAT, S. Tax etc. bla bla , with all tolls, challans (rarely if any) And I am citizen of India so I can always question.

And in being so called democracy ,I have the right to choose or not to choose.

Just to add, the govt.  officials on duty today like forces, teachers didn’t get a chance to vote.

Comments,……..pls just don’t vomit what others taught you, think beyond the lines…….and then speak.