Animal or Anyman 

Difference between Animal or Anyman

Well there is, as everyone would say.

One can easily recollect an image of  hungry, ill and half dead Stray dog with skin diseases and many times with broken bones.

If someone tries to drive straight into him over the road, where he rests (in so called peace for him), he will beyond his capacity take out all his energy, get up and run and will save his life.

What would have happend had he been a human say a begger/poor man, he will not even move.

Forget about ill/hungry begger/ poor man even the smart guys feel insulted if they respond to horn.


Daruu Party Vs.  Khana Party

Well this has been the trend from time unknown, those who drink (alcohol) together once or twice becomes the ultimate fast friends. Ready to die for each other.

Unlike people who eat, drink together and celebrates festivals, travel around but are hardly fast friends. (This happens majority of the times.)


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