Traffic Condition in India 

With all the respect, I put forward my points and what I have noticed while moving on road. Please, try to use them if they serve you any purpose, if they do not, I request you to please forgive me for spoiling your time.


Here are few my observations and suggestions:



  1. People stopping at green lights (Mind it Green Lights), free and moving (i.e working) crossings and at road corners blocking traffics.
  2. Any broke out  vehicle, lying at the centre of the road/right side and not being moved or parked to the road side i.e left side, leading to congestion and slow down of traffic.
  3. Unnecessary delay in road & flyover etc. construction.
  4. Bad Roads, no doubt this slow downs the traffic. ( and people who shop or homes are in front of it do not wish to get it, aleast filled with some dumpable item by them selve/resd. welfare/servants)
  5. There is no communication between different dept. before digging up a road. And much of the time these repair activities can be conducted at night, when traffic is less.
  6. All rickshaw pullers should be in one line.
  7. All rickshaw pullers should also be trained on road safety.
  8. No overtaking by any bus at any place and at any time.
  9. Buses to walk in line only.
  10. For people moving with their kids on road, please, hold them on their left on not on the road side.( A mistake that I believe most of us do).
  11. People should not stand on road while waiting for bus, but on bust stop/ foot path.
  12. Buses to compulsorily stop at all bus stops, so that people do not have run after it.
  13. Trucks also to move in single line.
  14. At red lights, when there is right turn, care should be taken not to form the third waiting line for right turn.
  15. On turns, whether curved or straight or red light type, over taking should be disallowed.
  16. Like U-special, please, see if we can start school special buses also as a social service during school ours, because usually bus owners whether pvt. or govt. do not stop for the students.
  17. All vehicles to have a body colured reflective, on all 4 sides of their vehicle, so that it’s visible from all sides at night, even if it’s parked.
  18. It should compulsory for all rickshaws, cycles to have reflectives on them.
  19. If for any reason, any vehicle is moving on wrong side, it is requested to please, use deeper and an indicator of wrong side (i.e. the right hand side one)
  20. Lets take an example of festival time like Diwali, when people or more friendly than usual, can’t we have this rhythm throughout the year, that means less fights and quarreling on road.
  21. When ever you find yourself in an uneasy situation where, things might lead to quarrel or fight, please, pass a smile and say sorry, and try not to get angry and stay calm, remember insurance are now a days available without police complaints. Remember a smile can turn away the warmth.
  22. Remember all are ordinary citizen of India, and govt. or police has nothing to do, except to stop you, if is you decide to fight and abuse people on road.
  23. When we talk about road rage or anger at road, I find people or more frustrated, lets take few ex. here if one goes to any minister’s office or say any pvt. office, how does he/she feel, as compared to if he/she goes to any govt. hosp./govt school. What we can do, is to ask our people holding public offices to treat the people coming to them well and be more courteous to them, greet them properly even if they can’t solve there problem, this is not happening at present. Especially in govt. school and colleges. Let’s make Indian people the happiest people.
  24. All school children to be trained on road safety.
  25. Lets target all those who are turning 18 in coming years, at their school level only because all must be planning for their driving license.
  26. All police personnel can also trained if needed.
  27. Same can be done with the govt. service drivers, at least our people drive well, are friendly and courteous.
  28. Our way of doing it would be by targeting institutions, schools, colleges etc. because; usually support form organization is more as compared to any individual.
  29. Verbal and on the spot test can conducted on road for by traffic police on the drivers, for basic traffic rules, road courtesy and road sense if not answered or wrongly answered, they can be fined or can be asked to go for a few hour training on any of these at a weekend on compulsory basis.
  30. Lets challan people for one reason .i.e one rule for one complete week through out Delhi, let this drive be popular and so will be law or rule we want people to remember.
  31. Sometime, police keep barricades on roads, which should be minimized and should be avoided on congested roads and during high traffic situation and should be properly removed from the road when not in use.
  32. All such barricades to have reflective on them or at least be painted with reflective paints.
  33. There should be no speed breakers at congested roads.
  34. No person should take sudden turns without seeing the side and with out any signaling like indicator or hand sign.
  35. All pedestrians to cross road only at Red lights on, and not during green light and moving traffic.
  36. Sweepers and others public servants giving duty on roads, can also part with us, by volunteering to suggest pedestrians and cycle or rickshaw pullers to follow traffic rules, along with their routine job. They can be rewarded on certain basis later on.
  37. Also start rewarding traffic police personnel on no road accidents, no road congestion problems in their area, and do this socially, so they get praised socially as well.
  38. If possible, same can be done with SDMs, MCD Zonal persons, if traffic situation, market, roads, streets in their area is good.
  39. speaking about Delhi, it’s not only Delhi, but NCR, that we need to cover, so that traffic in & out of Delhi, goes smoothly, but this might be difficult due to territory difference.
  40. Lower middle class should be specially handled because of there, mode of transport i.e. foot, buses, road, rickshaw, cycles.
  41. Let people come to know how friendly police can be, and how much useful their No. 100 is?
  42. Let’s see, if all companies can also help and see that they employees and cab drivers are aware of traffic rules and follow them. They should conduct a quarterly training on this, which should be compulsorily attended by their employees. We can go and help them if they say it adds to their work.
  43. Lets us also target people, who move on road through out the day, that too usually in a hurry, like insurance agents, sales people.
  44. There should be no turn with in 200-300 mtrs of any red light or any curved turn these are dangerous and slow down the traffic.
  45. All acute cuts on roads should be properly, turned and maintained, so that they does not uneccassarily slow down traffic and vehicle can take turn by using lowest available space. I mean no 90 deg cuts, ex. on farm houses, streets etc, and usually on main road.
  46. Let’s tell people that if they are aware of the road situation as they are regularly using it, then please have patience and bear with us and let traffic police know of the situation, there comments are welcomed.
  47. We can put notice/road signs on road side to show, what is the road width, no. of cuts/turns  if possible with the road names on coming 2-3 Kms, so that driver has some idea of road. This can also include on any ongoing construction on road for flyover, subway etc.
  48. No body to stop and ask for directions in the middle of road, at green lights, at turning roads. One should, stop/park their vehicle at road side and then should ask for directions.
  49. All rickshaw persons to have good knowledge of their area and traffic norms, before they get their license for rickshaw.
  50. Also some booths can be installed to help people with directions, either by police, volunteers etc.
  51. Let’s start a drive to stop and prevent bad parking and to start car pooling.
  52. lets make data related to road accidents and challan public, to show how good Indians are as compared to other country, because a challan/ or a negligent driving is not born by govt. but by individual.
  53. lets ask each and every vehicle dealers, show room and service stations to tell buyers about road safety, decent driving, with the help of pictures, charts, visuals, in there showroom and service stations, with real life examples. Remember people wait for hours, wasting there time for a new delivery and during servicing, this time can used by us. Teach them as if they are a lay man, and if they question tell them it our duty to explain them.
  54. No protruding metal bars from vehicles on road, especially rickshaws.
  55. Let’s tell people if they want to move slow, move slow no problem it’s their right, but then give way to others.
  56. Now same is not with slow moving pvt. buses, because they are actually slowing down the traffic, they should be taken care of, may be by special helpline no. for pvt. bus problems and issues, which will include other issues as well.
  57. Each market/ market association to take care that their customers coming to their market park their vehicles properly, now this can be easily done because everyone has a security guard, now a day, or either by paid parking in every market.
  58. Improper or hidden road signs, lets start looking at these and improve on it.
  59. No marking at roads for breakers, stop lines, yellow lines.
  60. Less knowledge of traffic rules and lack of road sense like meaning of deeper or yellow lines.
  61. Lack of courtesy from public, even for Ambulances.
  62. No courtesy from police officials.
  63. Out of Order traffic lights.
  64. Indifferent police officials watching people breaking laws.
  65. IIt would be better, if there are no rickshaw/ auto rickshaw/ or bus stops very near to the red lights, turns or crossings.
  66. let us check if certain side cuts/turns can be widened, so that people turning can go fast and easily.
  67. pedestrians should walk in only on footpath or 1-2 lines depending on the road width and not make a big group while moving on road, taking up all the road, which is not safe at all.


In above several points, the responsibility lies not only on the govt. or traffics police, but also on ordinary man traveling on road, either on foot or through any vehicle.


If you some how, find to have any query on any point which is not clear, please, ask me anytime, you can also ask me some thing that does not seems to be practical or feasible. I promise to help you in all matters related to these.



Thank you so much, for giving me your precious time. It is an honor.


B rgds,


Amit Vashist


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