Dear All (esspecially Indian Community),

I am Amit, a techie and a human by nature…… On this blog I share my thoughts on several topics and request your views on the same..

All these thoughts are regularly shared by me with general public  in day to day life  and I also take pain to send my thoughts and views to govt.  and related institutions as voice of general but educated public and your thoughts will help me do it better…and some really good points that come as result can be well spread by this Blog to all of us.

Because together we can…….and we will.

Born in 1982, Leo by Zodiac, I have been working now for last 9 yrs, educated form APS and DCE, I am presently working with a MNC in India and have experiencing and learning life and Indian culture and Indian System and wish to continue this.

 Thanks & Brgds,