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  • avpower 10:45 PM on May 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bombay, Court, kasab, terrorism   

    KASAB- one more Hero 

    Why do we need to think so much, he should have been finished off by now, even if he is innocent, let him die, where so many died and let a lesson be set for others.

    My another contrasting view point is that, why to blame him, he only did what he was told to and killed only the stupid ordinary people, who never bothered to stop him , question him, when he was there among them throughout his stay in India and could never recongnise the terror inside him and let things go and never bothered.

    Secondly, what was our army, navy doing, when this guy entered the country with Arms, stupid Army. We do have security system in place which works even in peace.

    Any comments?

  • avpower 11:28 PM on May 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 1947, Bhagat Singh, Gandhiji, History, Morning, people   

    Voter Turnout 


    Well the figure in India, hovers around 50% – 60%.


    Why??  some clues…

    — More people like me. (looking f0r a good candidate and not just voting to anybody)

    — Old records stating wrong figure of possible voters number in a city.

    — or indifferent people like we always had same like, before 1947 A.D.

    Here is small story that explains the last point.


    3 Men…….

    All three are neighbours, live in same country and are great freinds.

    Every morning…………………….

    1 goes to work to British Govt.( say Police)

    2 goes to meet Gandhiji for his support.

    3 goes with Bhagat singh to support him.

    and the No.1 …….Would not he be a problem for No.2 and No.3? Did not he wanted the freedom??


    Was the percantage always like this before 1947?

    Atleast I do not know

    If No.1 were 33.33% or No2. as 33.33% or No.3 as 33.33%

    or 1 was much higher in percentage than 2 or 1.


    It was some other percentage, the truth …………………. no clue ??????????

    The point is there were indifferent people, when there was the biggest issue in the history India and we needed unity of all time.

    Now, how we can expect it today, when things are actually far better.

  • avpower 5:50 PM on May 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ask, forces, Vote   

    No Vote 

    Did you Vote?

    Well so many asks me on this and the reply is simple , I am proud and confident about it that I do not Vote.

    The reply comes in you lose your right to ask.

    Well who actually remembers who voted or who didn’t.

    And our need is simple, pls put a system of “None of the above”, where all gets debarred from elections, if this option is used above all other options.

    And I can still ask a question because I pay enough Tax not only I-tax, but VAT, S. Tax etc. bla bla , with all tolls, challans (rarely if any) And I am citizen of India so I can always question.

    And in being so called democracy ,I have the right to choose or not to choose.

    Just to add, the govt.  officials on duty today like forces, teachers didn’t get a chance to vote.

    Comments,……..pls just don’t vomit what others taught you, think beyond the lines…….and then speak.

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