Had GOD been in Kalyug (21st century)


He would have not enjoyed the greatest pleasure of being close to mother nature.

He would be fed up paying his Mobile bills, Electricity bills and being in line for deposits in Bank and toll Bridge’s long queue.

He would have repented being born in Kalyug and not getting the fresh Milk, but for getting the so called  “Thaeli ka Dhudh”.

He had to wear thosy sturdy jeans and loose T shirts, with chains in Jeans to get girls attracted….buy luxury car and bla bla..

But why would he come, as it so difficult to survive in 21st century, he has no chance of getting his bread and butter without working.

similarly, the so called ghost (Bhoot- Paret) only torture the poor and ordinary individual and not the thieves, the corrupt politicians and the terrorists.

Even if  god wipes out the “Man’s  Shatru”, people would say it a magic trick, and he is a fraud and he would still need to fight elections, to rule over the nation.

If he is very polite and humble and doesn’t lie, he will not survive in 21st century, and no body would realise that such a person exist and would laugh off him.

Great competition form existing preachers of religion.

ohh Damn….How would it be, if worked in an MNC or lala company for his livelihood, 12 hrs a day ha ha ha…. and a terrible traffic after that and might be a possibly waiting EMI collectors at home.


or a Way out as God always did, he takes birth in Rich man’s home, to get all the luxury of his time.

(Pls, note: These are general thoughts and not meant to heart someones feeling, these are a hypothetical version of Gods impossible existence in 21st century.)

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